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Top 5: Frequently Asked Rolex Questions

We often receive many questions about Rolex and how to buy them. So here is our comprehensive guide addressing the top 5 frequently asked questions about Rolex. This guide includes authenticity concerns, caring for your watch, how to buy, and investment potential.

Rolex Explorer II 226570 on a wrist
Rolex Explorer II 226570 via Horolocrat

How can I tell if my Rolex is authentic?

There are many ways to authenticate a Rolex, but if you're not sure, always check the movement with a reputable jeweller.

  1. Etched Crystal Glass - Since 2002 Rolex have etched a Rolex coronet logo into the 6 o'clock position on the glass, check that is present and correct.

  2. Cross-verify the serial and model numbers with the paperwork - Check the serial number engraved on the watch (at the 6 o'clock position on the rehaut, or between the lugs) matches the serial number written on the paperwork. This isn't a bulletproof method though as the paperwork can also be inauthentic.

  3. A 'sweeping' seconds hand - With the exception of the Oysterquartz model, all Rolex models are automatic and should have a sweeping seconds hand, not a ticking one.

  4. Research the seller - If you're buying pre-owned, check the seller - you must make sure you're buying from a reputable dealer with a history of positive sales. Do your research. Here at Horolocrat we have a history of over 800+ transactions, and 100% positive feedback.

  5. Dial Details - You can have a genuine watch with a fake/aftermarket dial so make sure you examine the font matches that of other genuine models, it will always be sharp, evenly spaced with no bubbling or 'bleeding'. Diamonds will also be perfectly set, both straight and with neat claws.

  6. Cyclops Date Window - Fake manufacturers often struggle with producing a cyclops that magnifies the date correctly. Check it correctly magnifies the date, and is correctly placed over the date window, not off-center.

  7. Price - In the watch industry, the prices are very competitive and transparent, so if the price seems too good to be true, often it is for a reason.

All Five Sizes Of Rolex Oyster Perpetual models
Five Sizes Of Rolex Oyster Perpetual via Hodinkee

What is the cheapest Rolex?

Rolex's most affordable entry-level models are found in the Oyster Perpetual collection for both men and women.

With prices currently starting at £4850 (circa $6200) for a ladies 28mm model, and at £5300 (circa $6800) for a gents 36mm model. While considered entry-level for the brand, these watches are still incredibly popular and play a strong part in Rolex's 2024 lineup.

Rolex 3135 movement close up
Rolex 3135 movement by Bobswatches

How often should I service my Rolex?

Rolex recommends servicing every 10 years, but how much you use or don't use your watch will affect how frequent it requires maintenance.

You can take your watch to a Rolex service centre or a 3rd party one, but if choosing the latter, do your research. Make sure the workshop is trustworthy, and have a history of happy customers and good quality work - much like you would when servicing your car.

Horolocrat website Our Collection page
Watches Collection available at Horolocrat

Can I buy a Rolex online?

Yes, you can purchase a Rolex online from a pre-owned retailer. However if you wish to purchase one brand new from Rolex you must visit the store in-person.

Only purchase from authorised dealers or reputable pre-owned sellers that guarantee authenticity. Verify the seller's credentials, and consider obtaining a history check for the serial number too to ensure there isn't a history of theft or insurance claims. Not all serial number databases are perfect, but it's worth doing. A popular one in the UK is TheWatchRegister. All Horolocrat watches come with a WatchRegister certificate.

Subdial watches market index
Market index for past 24 months via Subdial

Are Rolex watches a good investment?

Historically, many Rolex models have been considered a sound investment, yes. However this does come with some caveats.

The value of many models tends to hold or appreciate over time, however, thorough research into specific models and market trends is essential for informed investment decisions as there are also some that will depreciate.

While certain models, particularly popular, vintage or limited run models, often appreciate, others may not yield substantial returns. Popular models include the Daytona, Submariner and GMT-Master II ranges. Factors like market trends, economic conditions, and specific model desirability also influence the investment outcome.

Additionally, the condition, rarity, and presence of original accessories (such as box & papers) impact resale value. Hence, prospective buyers should conduct thorough research, consulting experts, and staying informed with market changes for a well-informed approach to Rolex as an investment.

Frequently Asked Rolex Questions in conclusion

As you can see, there are many different answers to each question. The watch industry is full of opinions and 'best ways' of doing things but one thing remains true throughout - make sure you do your research before making any decisions.

Find our collections of watches at Horolocrat HERE.

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