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Four Rolex Predictions we would like to see released at Watches & Wonders 2024

As enthusiasts eagerly await Rolex's next releases at Watches & Wonders 2024, speculation runs high about potential new models that could redefine luxury watchmaking. Here, we will delve into Rolex release predictions that we hope to see unveiled this year.

Rolex Predictions Watches & Wonders 2024

Each year, the horology world eagerly awaits the prestigious Watches and Wonders event, where luxury watchmakers showcase their latest creations and innovations. Scheduled for April 13th to 15th, 2024, this year's event has caused quite a buzz on social media with speculations on which models Rolex will release.

While some predictions may seem unlikely, indulging in the realm of imagination adds a touch of thrill to the anticipation. Join us as we delve into speculative territory, envisioning Rolex models that, though perhaps improbable, would undoubtedly captivate the imagination and spark conversations within the watch community.

Here are our Rolex Predictions 2024:

Rolex Predictions 2024 Left Handed titanium Rolex Submariner

Left-Handed Titanium Rolex Submariner

Crafted for the discerning diver, the Left-Handed Titanium Submariner would embody innovation and functionality. With a lightweight yet durable titanium case and a left-handed crown placement for enhanced comfort and usability (particularly for those divers who are left-handed).

Left-handed watches aren't everyone's cup of tea, but they do add to Rolex's repertoire and their drive to put the boundaries (even if just slightly).

Rolex Predictions Daytona John Mayer White Gold Platinum

White Precious Metal "John Mayer" Rolex Daytona

A Rolex model already famous in yellow gold, nicknamed after the music icon John Mayer. The Precious White Metal Daytona - whether that be platinum or white gold - would be a very interesting addition to the collection. Featuring a lustrous white gold or platinum case paired with a striking green dial, this Daytona would pay homage to Mayer's eclectic style and passion for horology, captivating enthusiasts worldwide through his discussions with Hodinkee on Talking Watches.

Rolex Predictions 2024 GMT-Master II Coke bezel

Rolex GMT-Master II "Coke" Bezel

Reviving the iconic Coke bezel, Rolex introduces the Stainless Steel GMT-Master II, blending timeless design with modern technologies and contemporary allure.

This may also be one of the more likely predictions as it was noticed by Rolex enthusiasts that in 2022 Rolex filed for a patent for a process of manufacturing two-colored ceramic inserts, more specifically those that are black and red. Although filed in 2022, it was only published January 31st 2024.

Rolex Predictions 2024 GMT-Master II Bruce Wayne Grey bezel

Black & Grey Rolex GMT-Master II "Bruce Wayne"

Inspired by the enigmatic persona of Bruce Wayne and popularised by @Sonofawatch on Instagram, the Black & Grey GMT-Master II design would capture the essence of modern-day vigilantes. Adorned with a sleek black and grey bezel and complemented by a green GMT hand, this timepiece would be an incredible release for Rolex - likely to have a long waiting list too.

Rolex Predictions 2024:

There's no surefire way to know what Rolex will do this year, but there's no harm in hoping and dreaming in the mean-time. We won't know until Watches & Wonders on the 13th April 2024. What models do you want to see released this year?

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