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Omega X Swatch 'Mission to' MoonSwatch Strap customising - Why it's important:

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Our Top Tips on why you should customise your MoonSwatch Strap.

Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch straps
Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch Mission to Jupiter, Mission to Mercury, Mission to the Sun watches with custom Horolocrat rubber straps.

In the world of luxury watches, the Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch stands out as a true pioneer. Inspired by the iconic Mission to the Moon, Mission to Mercury, and Mission to Mars, this timepiece encapsulates elegance and innovation. But what if we told you that there's a way to enhance your MoonSwatch even further? That's right! By customizing your MoonSwatch with different straps, you can add a touch of personal style and uniqueness to your luxury timepiece.

1 - Velcro sucks!

Get rid of that cheap feeling velcro strap that comes on the MoonSwatch as standard. It's loud, uncomfortable and inconvenient to put on/remove. Instead, why not try a sportier approach with a 20mm rubber/silicone curved end strap that fits flush against the case, or a premium nylon strap which is harder wearing and keeps the watch more secure on your wrist.

2- Embrace Versatility and Style:

The Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch is already a stunning luxury watch, but customizing it with different straps takes versatility and style to a whole new level. With an array of strap options available, you can effortlessly switch between leather, metal, fabric, or rubber straps to suit any occasion, mood, or outfit. Whether you're attending a formal event or engaging in adventurous outdoor activities, your MoonSwatch can effortlessly adapt to your style.

3 - Express Your Individuality

Your watch is an extension of your personality and a statement of your individuality. Customizing your MoonSwatch with different straps allows you to express your unique taste and preferences. Choose vibrant colors, patterns, or textures to make your timepiece stand out from the crowd. Whether you prefer a monochrome timeless classic such as the Mission to Mercury on a custom black rubber strap, or bright yellow Mission to The Sun on a custom yellow strap, there's a strap option that will help you showcase your personal style.

4 - Preserve Omega's Legacy of the Mission to the Moon

The Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch pays homage to the historic Mission to the Moon, Mission to Mercury, and Mission to Mars alongside the Omega Speedmaster. By customizing your MoonSwatch with different straps, you are participating in the continued celebration of these historical achievements. Show your appreciation for the spirit of exploration and adventure by personalizing your MoonSwatch to reflect your connection to these monumental moments in human history.

To Conclude, custom Moonswatch straps:

Customizing your Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch with different straps is not just fun, but also an important way to elevate your luxury watch game. With endless options for personalization, you can express your individuality, stay on-trend, enhance comfort, and pay tribute to the legendary missions to the Moon, Mercury, and Mars. So, go ahead and unleash your creativity by customizing your MoonSwatch – the possibilities are as limitless as the vast universe itself.

Browse our collection of Horolocrat custom rubber straps HERE.

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